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Kate Bradbury
Kate Bradbury · biography

Kate Bradbury is a self-taught artist and musician who creates sculptures, assemblages and pictures from found objects and street junk. A few years ago whilst living in the basement of a run-down house in North London she discovered rolls of Chinese paper and a well of ink abandoned by a past tenant. Using these Kate started to draw dense and rhythmically patterned pictures portraying her splintered dreams, visions and imaginings.

These incredibly detailed and impressive drawings along with the artist’s quirky and playful ‘Dervish and Angel’ sculptures which are assembled from found objects such as old lampshades, biscuit tins, chess pieces and knitting patterns show the remarkable range of creativity and talent this artist has and why she was understandably chosen among 1500 artists to receive an award in both the Outside In London and National competitions in 2012.

“When I wake up in the morning it's like getting dressed. I pick up my powerdrill and hacksaw and with hands still inky from late night scribblings, I set the house to singing and shaking. One day I would like to give up my job making sandwiches and spend every waking hour with a hammer, pen or ukelele in my hand. And every sleeping hour too, if possible!” Kate Bradbury, 2012