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Linda Persson
Linda Persson · biography

Born in Sweden on April 16th 1979

1995 attended the Lindeparkens upper secondary school

Linda was autistic and had a highly creative mind who wrote many stories and poems, but mainly expressed herself through painting.

2000 attended the INUTI Studio in Stockholm. INUTI Foundation is a daily operation with a purely artistic direction. It provides people with intellectual disabilities the support to develop as an artist in an understanding and creative atmosphere. "We look upon art as a means of communication and try to guide and help each individual to develop their personal style and proficiency, giving them means to express themselves in different ways." INUTI website.

Died in 2007


The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia (Group show)


The Spring Exhibition at The Liljevalchs art gallery, Stockholm (group show)
Haapsalu, Estonia (group show)
Tartu, Estonia
Viljandi, Estonia (touring exhibition)


Väsby Artgallery. Stockholm (group show)


Galerie Herenplaats, Rotterdam


Talinn, Estonia (group show)

Inuti Gallery, Stockholm (solo show)


Outsider Art Fair New York (Galerie & Atelier Herenplaats, Rotterdam)

Ronneby Art Gallery (group show)


Brief encounters Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (solo show)