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Impromptu #1
1 February 2010 - 13 February 2010

foroneweekonly exhibition in association with Julian Hartnoll showing Contemporary and Outsider artists to coincide with Frieze and the opening of the Museum of Everything.

Taking place periodically and often with short notice these impromptu exhibitions seek to reflect current events and give an ideal opportunity to view and purchase works of art by established and up and coming artists. If you would like to be notified of these events please join our mailing list.

Madge Gill
Gill is known worldwide as one the most highly regarded Outsider artists with works in several collections and museums. She began drawing in 1919, inspired to create by the encouragement of her spirit guide, Myrninerest. Her drawings, predomiantly black ink on card, are characterised by geometric chequered patterns and flowing ornamentation, interrupted by female faces with staring eyes.
Mark Boyle
This is an early work by this conceptual artist who was born in Glasgow. It is an assemblage of found objects showing his Scottish roots.
John Bratby
A very early table-top pastel painting by this famous Kitchen Sink artist painted circa 1951 when he started studying at the Royal College of Art.
William Burroughs
Known as the godfather of the 1950s Beat movement whose innovative writing style has influenced authors, musicians and poets for more than fifty years. Burroughs was also a prolific artist and the work shown here is one of his “Most Wanted” series which began in January 1992 at a farm in Kansas. A figure would be drawn and then Burroughs would shoot into it with his handgun - usually his .38 Smith and Wesson.
Hew Locke
Included in the exhibition is a stunning piece from Locke's House of Windsor series on which he says This on-going series has developed my interest in images of Glamour and Power and how these have changed during the last 50 years. My feelings about the Royals are ambivalent, I am simply fascinated by the institution and it's relationship to the press and public.
Alan Davie
Celebrating his 90th birthday next year, Davie is undoubtedly one of Scotland's finest living artists with hundreds of works in international museums and public collections. This exhibition shows two early works from the 1960's.
Ben Wilson
A further chance to see the few remaining paintings from Wilson's Black and White series, executed in 2004 after finishing a large scale sculptural environment in Finland and before he became famous as The Chewing Gum Man, his miniature masterpieces brighten London's streets from Muswell Hill to the Royal Academy.
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