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Impromptu #2
1 February 2011 - 6 February 2011

Impromptu #2 - A foroneweekonly exhibition in association with Julian Hartnoll showing Contemporary and Outsider artists to coincide with the Watercolours & Work on Paper Fair and the Outsider Art Fair in New York next week.

Taking place periodically and often with short notice these impromptu exhibitions seek to reflect current events and give an ideal opportunity to view and purchase works of art by established and up and coming artists. If you would like to be notified of these events please join our mailing list.

Madge Gill
Gill is known worldwide as one the most highly regarded Outsider artists with works in several collections and museums. She began drawing in 1919, inspired to create by the encouragement of her spirit guide, Myrninerest. Her drawings, predomiantly black ink on card, are characterised by geometric chequered patterns and flowing ornamentation, interrupted by female faces with staring eyes.
Alan Davie
Celebrating his 90th birthday next year, Davie is undoubtedly one of Scotland's finest living artists with hundreds of works in international museums and public collections. This exhibition shows two early works from the 1960's.
Ben Wilson
A further chance to see the few remaining paintings from Wilson's Black and White series, executed in 2004 after finishing a large scale sculptural environment in Finland and before he became famous as The Chewing Gum Man, his miniature masterpieces brighten London's streets from Muswell Hill to the Royal Academy.
Sadie Hennessey
Sadie Hennessey lives and works in Whitstable Kent. She recently graduated from a MA in Fine Art at the Central St Martins. In 2010 she was selected as the inaugral artist in the Lautrec Gallery at the Chelsea Arts Club, London and was a prize winner at the Jealous Graduate Prize 2010/11. "My work is concerned with absurdity and poignancy. I operate within a cultural framework of 'Englishness' and explore ideas of nostalgia and faux-nostalgia." Sadie Hennessey 2010
John Kingerlee
John Kingerlee was born in Birmingham in 1936 and didn't turn to art full time until his late 20's. Despite his lack of formal training he had his first solo exhibition in London in 1967 and is now a celebrated artist with numerous solo exhibitions in galleries and museums across Ireland, Canada and also the United States, where his work is highly sought-after by collectors and investors. He lives and works in isolated conditions on the Beara peninsular in Ireland where he mixes in own paints and often works on many canvases simultaneously building up layers over several years.
Scottie Wilson
Scottie Wilson (1891-1972), born Louis Freeman in Glasgow and known particularly for his highly detailed style. Starting his artistic career at the age of 44, his work was admired and collected by the likes of Jean Dubuffet and Pablo Picasso and is generally accepted to be in the forefront of 20th Century outsider art
Nick Blinko
Nick Blinko draws intensely dense and detailed compositions of faces, figures and obsessive patterns. Diagnosed as suffering from Schizoaffective disorder, and in the past hospitalized, Blinko creates his pictures when not taking therapeutic medication that adversely affects his ability to work. His art conjures a nightmarish, anxiety-ridden world where inner demons might be exorcised through repetitive graphic marks. Out of thousands of tiny flecks and dashes emerge elaborate visions of skeletons, mysterious symbols and religious figures. Reminiscent of the macabre images of Goya or James Ensor, Blinko creates a personal iconography that evokes the magic and menace of a rich imagination. Blinko will have his first solo museum show at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester from June-August 2011.
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